System Development  Project Designing
Technology is the primary productive force, and creativeness is the key to development. The excellent staff of EMD keeps forging ahead as part of its coordinated effort to promote medium and top-grade specific systems in series ranging from high-end PCB drilling system, Electronic Discharging Machining Systerm、CNC Applying Controlled Amounts Of the Adhesives Systerm、 Multi-axis Winding Machine Systerm, and has received wide acknowledge in industry.
  We uphold the only belief that targets are to be set with the aim of meeting your requirement. Our research development team is bound to pool efforts on personally tailored system products as follows
EMD, joined by a staff of high-ranking senior engineers can undertake medium and large-scale projects from system design to electrical installation and commission. Coordinated assistance also will be geared to the needs of product support and turn-key projects. Whenever necessary, EMD stands ready to give a helping hand in tackling on-site issues and bottle-neck of software in full fulfillment of your requirements, which includes the following items:。
 Equipment Manufacture
  Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. Top-grade and highly-effective equipment help yield twice the result with half the effort, resulting in promoted production efficiency and high-quality products. Backed up by high-grade precision equipment and advanced scientific processing management, EMD creates customers many different alternatives to choose from in a planned and systematic way, namely, the newly-developed Electronic Discharging Machining、CNC Applying Controlled Amounts Of the Adhesives Machine.
  Electronic Discharging Machining
  CNC Applying Controlled Amounts Of the Adhesives Machine
 Precision work
  EMD wins success through quality. EMD fills an unmet need of customers with such quality-oriented products as high precision stage/rotary table, precision part processing, which covers
  Precision stage/rotary table
  Right angle coordinate robot
  Precision part processing
 Newly-developed products on display
  SED 6 series DATA AC SERVO MOTOR and DRIVERS which use DSP chip with high performance and new model power parts ,had improved largely in the volume ,efficiency and performance, It performances excellently, easily operated and flexible installation with higher cost performance.
Special features: It has two control mode: position (pulse) control and speed (simulation) control. Kinds of electronic gears, constantly torque exporting, reduction ratio achieves 1:5000, max operating speed 3000RPM, positioning accuracy 0.036degree, power with range of 0.2kW to 6.0kW .
  MOTEC two phases composite stepper motor sine wave fractionizing driver drastically resolved traditional stepper motor¨s disadvantages such as low velocity creeping, syntonic zone , higher noise, lower torque at high speed, lower start frequency and bad reliability and so on.
  MOTEC high precise gearboxes, the volume is small, the efficiency is high, the output torque is big. Seven series,several hundred kind of the number.They Widely applies in the aviation, the numerical control, the welding, cutting, the packing, printing and so on .
 Service & Support
    EMD¨ success contributes fully to its profession and credit. EMD offers whole-hearted service in either technical support by phone or on-site obstacle removal. Simultaneously, EMD will deliver long-term technical lectures for free, offer technical advisory services and find solutions to hardware and software. We are looking forward to your consultation and focus of attention.
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